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Epsom Salts

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Our Epsom Salts are infused with four different fragrances to enhance your spa experience.

Epsom Salts
People have been adding Epsom salts to their bath for hundreds of years and it is thought that the minerals are absorbed through the skin to bring many health benefits such as joint pain, sore muscles and reduce stress.

Available in four fragrances
Lime: An uplifting fragrances that has a purifying aroma with energising properties that can help you radiate positivity and start your day with vitality.
Lemongrass & Ginger: A hopeful fragrance full positivity that inspires happiness, kindness and a sense of renewal.
Lavender: A calming fragrance: is known to alleviate stress and create a calm sense of mind to infuse your day with a sense of peace.
Frankincense & Myrrh: A warming fragrance with a sweet woody aroma to soothe the spirit, calm the mind and offer a hug for the soul.

How to use:
Fill a bath with very warm, but not hot, water. While the water is running add one cup of Epsom salts, or the amount recommended by your doctor. It is thought that to get the full benefit of an Epsom salt bath you should bathe for 12 minutes but this may vary depending on the condition you are treating. If it’s OK to do so, we recommend soaking for 20 minutes.

We also recommend adding a half cup of Epsom salts to a basin of warm water to create your own foot spa at home. Then simply let your feet soak for 20 minutes to absorb the minerals.